ACHNIL injection, a brand of Aceclofenac, 2-[(2,6-dichlorophenyl) amino] phenylacetoxyacetic acid, is a novel non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug [1]. it is a It has an outstanding anti-inflammatory and analgesic profile, involving besides a classical inhibition of PGE2, a decrease in the expression of several cytokines. It also inhibits activated oxygen species production and influences cells adhesion. Aceclofenac and its main metabolite, 4-hydroxy-Aceclofenac, has positive effects on cartilage anabolism combined with modulating effect of matrix catabolism. The specific profile of Aceclofenac makes it an interesting choice for long-term treatment of chronic rheumatic disorders as well as for treatment of acute inflammatory episodes [2].

It has better safety profile as compared to other NSAIDs. It is considered to be the first-line drug in the symptomatic treatment of various painful conditions which includes rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis [3]. It is also effective against various other painful conditions.